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Valentine's Day Gift For Him

The day is coming, the day is so near… You are repeating the same question in your mind over and over…”What can be the best valentines gift?”

Calm down, breathe and make the plan step by step. First, choose your style. Do you want to buy a creative one or a classical one? Don’t worry about which one is better, both is just perfect. The main goal is making your partner happy. While taking the decision also remember which one he would like to see.

Some suggestions for the ones want to suprise him and want to be more creative. The most confident step to take is picking up it due to your partner’s hobby. If your valentine likes snowboarding, design a board for him with your name under it…

Or he just loves drinking wine or whisky find something related to it. Just turn it to a lifetime memory for both of you.

Wine Cork Collector Whisky Smell Set

Still could not find one? So it does not have to be a “thing”. Create sweet couple memories for yourself. Why don’t you try a workshop of your common taste? Risotto cooking, Tango classes or a ticket to a next big game… If you don’t have one so select a new topic for yourself. Who knows, maybe you love this new experience…

Let’ talk about the classic style for the ones who likes the safe zone or just started a new relationship. Your job is easier. With a litte special characterisation there are several good options.

A pen with your Valentine’s name on it

Or just a sylish jumper, perfume or maybe a mug with his name on it

Whatever the decision is just make it lovely and special.

Ohh, if you are asking me, I love making things rather than buying. So my gift will be a combination of small things in a lovely box. A small cake, a handmade weft, a special note etc….If you fell like me, just put small meaningful pieces together and create your own gift.

Ipek Güz


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