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Simple Ways to Apply Eyeliner!

Eyeliner is a great part to take your makeup to the next level. It can help make your eyes look smaller, look bigger, or even change their shape. 



1. Choose an eyeliner: liquid, pencil, or gel.
2. Put on your eyeshadow.
3. Use the eyeliner to create a dotted line along your upper lashes.
4. Connect the dots using a steady hand.
5. Finish the line, starting from the inner corner of your eye.

Choosing your eyeliner

Pencil liner: for easy natural or smudged looks.

Liquid liner: creates smooth, swooping lines and a precise look. 

Gel liner: if you want to draw dramatic lines.


A little drop of concealer can work wonders for fixing smudges.

If you don't have time for makeup use clear lip gloss on your eyelid.

A smudge brush can transform a not-so-perfect eyeliner application to a good one.

You can use a little bit of black eyeshadow to clean up a splotchy eyeliner line.

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