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How To Deal With Acne on Your Bud, Chest & Body

Summer is here! Don't know how to get rid of your Body Acne?

First of all the dead skin cells and any other remains need to go. Depending on where exactly the acne is obtain a nice scrubbing sponge. If you cant reach it, get one that extends your reach via a handle.

  • Change your shirt regularly after exercising and when you get home from work or school.

  • Wearing looser clothing will allow your skin to breathe and avoid having it tightly snug to your back or shoulders which are the two biggest problem areas for most people.

  • Make sure your laundry detergent isnt irritating your skin.

  • Use a body wash that contains acne-fighting ingredients. Try Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash which will help treats and even prevent breakouts on your body without overdrying or irritating your skin. Or, for more of a splurge, try Murad's Acne Body Wash which deep cleans and exfoliates to eliminate and prevent acne all over the body.

  • Keep your hair products off your skin. Your hair products might be helping your mane, but they could also be damaging your skin. Shampoos with sulfates can actually clog the pores on your body.

  • De-Stress! Since stress and hormones cause acne, take some time to relax and love yourself. “Fluctuating hormones (that cause facial acne) can also cause back and chest acne,” says Hall. “Stress can cause hormones to become even MORE crazy, so take time to relax and do things you enjoy,” she advises. Try to take some time in your day to relax and breathe. You can even look on YouTube for some guided meditation to help unwind.

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