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90's Mid-School Hairstyle is Back!

If you just didn't realize it, 90s hairstyles that are making a comeback! Thanks to celebrities like Beyoncé, and Hailey Baldwin, the half-up high ponytail like the one you probably styled your hair in for school, is one of this season's biggest Celebrity hair trends.

The modern version of your mid-school "special occasion" look with feathered bangs for a tight top pony with the hair left down styled in loose, volume waves. tighten the base of the pony by wrapping a section of the hair around it adds trend look to the hairstyle you associate with your mid-school days.

If you don't like curls, you've got options. The half-up high ponytail is an optinal style that works for a number of hair textures to make half-up half-down pony. Whether you are wearing it wavy or straight, spritzing a spray over the finished product will make your hair extra shiny and keep flyaways under control.

Scroll down to see how Celebrities are making the half-up high ponytail cool again.

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