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What to Wear on a First Date?

First Date

You haven’t eaten all day and you feel butterflies in your stomach. You can’t stop thinking about the big day! Maybe i don’t know about you, but there are some curtain rules for a first date. So lets dress you up to look your best.

Here are some styling tips to help you impress your guy.

1. Location?

No-one wants to waddle through a Park in thigh high heels boots. Nor do we want to sit at a Luxury Hotel bar in our flip flops.

Work out what the venue is before you go on the date, to ensure you can dress appropriately and actually enjoy yourself.

2- Effortless & Cool

What I mean by this, is that you want to show him you’re naturally stylish and chic, but look as if you’ve just thought about it all last minute. As if you throw on anything and look instantly appealing.

Loafers, oversized cardigans, double denim shirt and skirt combo, sandals and socks, ripped jeans layered over fishnet tights, crop top and ripped shorts or even just simple black skinny jeans and heeled boots. Throw on a hat and large sunglasses and you’re THAT girl everyone wants to be or be next to.

3- Wear Comfortable

It can be the most beautiful dress in your whole wardrobe, but if it's uncomfortable then you’re going to have a crap time. You’ll be too busy focusing on how you wish you wore softer dress and you’ll not be able to pay proper attention.

Your discomfort will be projected onto him too, even if you don’t realise it. Looking great can often be uncomfortable, but you need to find a balance on a first date and If you have to choose, make comfort your priority. You need to be physically relaxed to show him how awesome you really are.

4- Coffee Date?

Coffee dates are common and the nicer option for the first date, because they take a lot of the pressure off. A day time coffee date doesn't seem as scary as a dinner date where you’re forced to eat a 3 course meal opposite this stranger. For the coffee date, i say jeans or leggings are the basic to your outfit. This is because when you’re sitting down for a while, you won’t get the chair marks in the back of your legs upon standing up. It’s also because they give more of the ‘casual’ feel over skirts or dresses - shorts are also okay too.

5- Feminin Look

Femininity plays a huge role in first dates. Men are attracted to our femininity as the antithesis of their masculinity - it’s all down to basic genetics. So, think about your outfits in a way that will emphasise and show off your feminine curves.

Think waist belts, tops, sweetheart necklines, tailored dresses...can even rock jeans if they make your bum look pinchable. Anything that makes your body type shine and work for you.

If you’re not too sure what your body type is, head over to our handy guide to find out...Yes, making a good first impression is key, but don’t go over-the-top with your outfit as you’ll probably end up getting it all so wrong. The ‘less is more’ statement applies, in that you need to look like you made less effort but still got the top notch end result.

6- Don't reveal everything all at once!

No man wants everything on a plate in front of him and If he does, he is not the man you want around! The aim of a first date is to ensure he wants to see you again. If you wear next to nothing, he’s seen it all from the get go and will thus not need to repeat.

When you wear something super revealing, it portrays a certain ‘girl’ that you do not want to be. You look like you’re there for a good time, not a long time.

Wear something that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. You should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful...

Good luck!



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