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What To Wear For Your Body Type!

I know you know what looks good on you and there’s a dress or an outfit that consistently makes you feel confident or you always choose the same style of pants! But if you look deeper at dressing for your body type is never a bad idea.

If you're an hourglass shape, pear, straight or apple, there are plenty of different physiques that with just a little knowledge can look even better. That could be balancing out your proportions with a pair of jeans, or highlighting the most flattering part of your body with asymetric dress, there are some incredible ideas you might have never even thought of. One thing's for sure, though, this article will help you to feel and look your best!!!



If you are curvy with a tiny waist , you are a Hourglass Type:

How to dress up?

Don't hide your curves Highlight them by emphasising your waist.

Wide-leg trousers, Crop Tops, Pencil Skirts, Knitwear, Wrap Dresses...

( Pictures Credit via : Pinterest)

Hourglass Body Type


If you have slim lower body and you are carrying your weight around your middle you are an Apple Type!

How to dress up?

Minimise your middle part of body by highlighting your legs and shoulders.

Swing Dresses, Shift Dresses, High Waisted Circle Skirts, Low Waisted Straight Leg Pants...

( Pictures Credit via : Pinterest)

Apple Body Type


If you are not curvy and your waist around same size with your hips You are a Straight Type!

How to Dress Up?

Highlight the thinnest section of your waist so that your hips and burst will look wider.

Volant Tops, Ruffled Tops, Cutout Dresses, Tapered Trausers...

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If your widest part is around your waist then you are a Pear Type!

Balance your shape with highlighting your shoulders and upper section.

Draw attention to your top with textures, push up bras, bold jewellery and bright blouses ,Accentuate your hips with dark colours, loose bottoms and minimal details!

( Pictures Credit via : Pinterest)

pear body type

Hope this tipps will be helpful for your next Shopping Day!



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