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Vegan Nutrition or Alkali Nutrition?

Choose the best eating way according to your daily habbits. Lets don’t use the word “diet” as it sounds like limitation of your freedom but choose your healthy path!!

But, what is the difference? Obviously, Vegan does not contain food of animal origin where Alkali contains every types of food apart from vhite enemies (sugar, flour and harmful salt).

Today, I first prefer to give more simple hints and tips of Alkali eating which focuses more

optimizing the acid-base balance by putting different types together but in a portion. Yes!! How much from which foods you should include on your daily life to enhance alkali nutrition habbits

If you eat meat you need to put 3 times bigger portion vegetable (raw is prefered) on your plate. Need to drink more alkalized water with a PH level more than 7.0 to save your inner PH. Increase the portion of below foods in your plate.

-Green Leafy Vegetables and fresh Vegateble juice. Stay away from junk food and ready drinks. Limit the fruit juice.

(Photo via Washingtonpos)

-Avocado and avocado oil. Put it on your dressing. Do you know that one of the best natural moisturizer, too.

(Photo via Mira Naturals)

-Citrus, Lime and Citrus Fruits.

(Photo via Buzzle media)

-Seaweed and Sea Salt

(photo via Cornish Co.)

-Root (red, purple and darker colored)Vegetables. They have the most vitamins and minerals.

(photo via drkatrebrooks)

-Limited portion of Nuts especially almond.

-PH level balanced water. By adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. It will also help you to crash down your stubborn fats.

Next week, more details about Vegan nutrition will be here. Alkali and Vegan nutrition can be easy and basic steps for a good start to prevent your body from future diseases. The choice is yours! Eat healhty live healthier.


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