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How to Became a Successful Blogger?


Are you already a Blogger or do you want to start to Blogging to as a Job? In either way I'm going to explain exactly how to create your own blog, actually no technical experience required. It’s easier than you think.

First of all you should decide what to blog about. Blog about something you enjoy and have knowledge about. If you aren’t excited about your topic, writing about it will be not fun and not fruitful! Also, why would anyone should be interested if you aren’t?

Choose a Blogging platform it doesn't matter which one you choose there are many blogging platforms. WordPress, Wix, Blogger and Weebly are a few of them. But WordPress is by far the most popular.

​Pick a name for your blog and be sure if the domain name is safe. This name is going to be your base and it's better if it's something you really like.

Don't think about a lot to begin and get started with it. The rest will follow. Design is important but there are many free templates you can use for the beginner level. It doesn't have to be the perfect one in the beginning you have your time to settle.

Use always the same font on your blogs!

If you are going to write about a product, a place or anything else don't hesitate to use the brand names and your opinions about these. You have to personalize your experiences and this will make you unique for your Audience.


Your future clients are going to see how you are going to present their products and this is really important for them.

IMPORTANT! Consistency is KEY! You have to be determined and continuous about what you are doing! Nothing is happening in one night!

Use social media channels ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to reach more people. Your content is going to be very important to attract attention. Focus your energy on one social media Network. Understand and Engage with your Audience!

Once you built this on your Blog and on your Social Media Channel, your steps will guide you to the success!

Wish You Joy & Good Luck!


Vanessa Nasraoglu Ertürk

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