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Here is an entire Week Wardrobe!

How long it takes for you to choose an outfit every morning? How can you start your day happily if you are under that much stress in the mornings? Can't you actually have a basic daily choose outfits? We’ve come up with an assortment of pieces that can be worn together to create an array of outfits that will take you to work with a highest motivation!

Monday: Sweater + Jeans + Scarf or Top + Jeans + Blazer

The ideal for Monday outfit: comfy basics with your fluffiest sweater. You’ll stay warm and relax or match up the jeans and feathery top for a comfortable combo that still looks sharp in a week start.

Tuesday: Blouse + Skirt

Over-the-knee boots taking the lead this season and would be perfect match for this look. It’s a more modern look, and you can skip tights.

Wednesday: Top + Leggings + Scarf

All black with mixed textures like leather and knitted or Add color to your look and stay toasty with an oversize scarf!

Thursday: Dress + Boots

The perfect uniform for a little Friday? A flowy dress with a stretchy waistband, paired with walkable boots. Don't forget shiny accessories keep things festive.

Friday: Dress + Sweater Yesss!! the day we waited all the week for! A fancy dress gets another wear in a less formal outfit when you add a relaxed sweater and sneakers.

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