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Easy Ways to Look Fashionable!

If you want to look more fashionable it isn't always about wearing the trendiest or expensive clothes. it can be more easy as just to wear a t-shirt or a pair of sunglasses.

1- Layers! The more layers you have, the more you will look fashionable, so go crazy and wear a coat, over a jacket, over a shirt, over a crop top. A belt & leather leggings. Under a skirt...Necklaces and more!

2- Wear the opposite shoes!

Choose the opposite shoes not the ones you always use to combine! Trade your high heels for flat booties, your sneakers for high heels, and your sandals for sneakers. Fashion isn't always the way it feels right. The more wrong it feels, the more right it is.

3- Add designer pieces to your outfit!

if you want to be "fashionable" you gotta be in the game. For example Chanel is just hands down the most iconic fashion label there is. It can't be beat. One Chanel bangle or pair of sunglasses has more fashion cred than many high-end designer handbags and will probably stay stylish long after those bags become old fashioned.

4-Wear sunglasses!

Even if you're inside. Even if it's dark out. And besides, sunglasses are way easier to put on than eye makeup.

5-Trendy Hats / Hair Accessories.

Almost every season you can see a new trend of hats. Use them!

6-Hairstyle Trend of the season!

You are going to be an icon among your friends. Almost every girl change their hairstyle 4 times in a year so why not to have the trendy look?


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