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Best Affordable Drugstore Foundations of 2018!

A Clean, prepared face can be ready for any good makeup look and you don't have to spent a lot of money. While perfect skin or the illusion of is priceless. There are a number of affordable, drugstore staples on the market.

And If you struggle with applying your foundation, don't worry - it's a common problem too. You’ll need to prepare your skin for makeup first by cleansing and applying a moisturizer.Cleaning your skin properly will remove dirt and oil as well as any previous makeup. You can also add primer and concealer. When applying foundation, you should start with a small amount and apply it to the center of your face, and then blend it. Be sure to choose the right foundation color, take your time to apply it the right way, then set your foundation for a natural, flawless look.

Wash your face. .

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite affordable foundations for you:

CATRICE All Matt Plus ( Shine Control, Longlasting, Oil Free: Price Under 10 €)

LOREAL Paris Perfect Match ( It's really effecting like its name! Price Around 10-11 €)

MAYBELLINE New York EverFresh Makeup ( Comfortable & Natural under 10 € )

LOREAL Paris Infaillible Total Cover ( Amazing Cover Effect for face and décolleté area Price under 10€)

MAX FACTOR Lasting Performance ( Touch Proof & Longlasting Price under 10 € )


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